Zeena, a friend and follower, shares her thoughts on ketchup, the iPad and more as a guest blogger.

Ketchup: what do you do with yours?

Ever get the feeling that something is just... missing from your plate? That your meal could be so much more? Then what you need is ketchup. The ubiquitous bottle we all have in our cupboards. The ingredient that has inspired a fanatical following across the globe since its appearance more than 140 years ago, and has divided the world into sceptics and believers. Yet, in spite of this, the true culinary potential of ketchup has yet to be fully realized.

So much more than an afterthought, ketchup can form an integral part of everything from sauces and marinades, to soups, stews, salads and even bread. Believe me, once you've experienced ketchup in this way, you'll never go back. We feel passionately that it 's about time this humble ingredient was shown in all its glory, hence the creation of The Ketchup Cooking App- a collection of mouthwatering recipes developed by a hardcore group of ketchup devotees.

So what's all the fuss about? Ketchup has the extraordinary ability to pick you out from the crowd, in culinary terms. It 's the modest ingredient with a huge personality. It gives your food character, something a little bit different, something unique. It's a bit like us: it has a sense of humor and doesn't take itself too seriously, but always delivers great results. A single bottle of ketchup possesses a unique blend of pride and humility. It can be the life and soul of a dish or lend a subtle aftertaste that always leaves you wanting more. It knows how to turn a frugal dish into something elaborate, and dress itself up when the occasion demands. So do your duty to ketchup and don't waste its multitude of talents by confining it to french fries. Think outside the bottle.

Whatever you have in mind, ketchup will do the trick. Just don't try adding it to your chocolate cake. I know we're clever, but we're not that clever.


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